The Democracy Alliance strives to foster:

  • An open, vibrant democracy
  • An opportunity-driven economy
  • A dignity-based foreign policy
  • An independent judiciary

We aim to achieve our goals by conducting cutting-edge, fact-based research and due diligence, evaluating gaps and opportunities in progressive movement infrastructure, and recommending support for a portfolio of high-impact organizations and investment opportunities.

We are uniquely positioned to help support organizations and progressive efforts by providing seed capital and growth capital.

The progressive movement needs well-run organizations with increased capacity that can generate ideas, communicate them effectively, mobilize citizens, and train leaders. We recommend organizations that are positioned to have a long-term impact, but are also achieving short-term successes. We recommend organizations that represent the diversity of the progressive movement and this country, and that advance a progressive agenda. Organizations are presented to our Partners who make individual funding decisions.

Funding proposals are reviewed by the DA on an invitation-only basis.  We are always pleased to learn more about progressive organizations. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.